Parent Coaching

It’s difficult to appreciate the emotions and stress experienced by the parents of a child with significant behavioral challenges. You may feel defeated and overwhelmed, having tried every tool in your parenting “toolbox,” with little or no lasting success. My play therapy and parent coaching are parallel efforts, designed to provide support, awareness, empowerment, and positive new options and direction.

One of the most important factors in the successful development of a child is their relationship with their parents and caregivers. I have great confidence in the innate wisdom of every parent and child I work with, no matter how significantly challenging the situation may seem. The goal of my parent coaching work is a loving, supportive relationship, with a strong sense of peace and stability.

“Mia, the skills and knowledge that we, as parents, were able to learn from you have been invaluable and we are using them to play with our younger son, too. We are already seeing him use the positive words and behavior that our older son learned from you.” 

– Parent
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