Mia Bertram photo

Mia Bertram – MA, LPC
is a licensed professional counselor
serving clients in Boulder, Denver
and the surrounding area as a
play therapist, parent coach and mentor.


“All the schooling in the world can’t create a great therapist. There is a certain temperament that makes a person helpful and healing to others. It’s in you innately and Mia’s
got it.”  Rob Meltzer
Northlight Family Services,
Westminster, CO

Is your child under stress as a result of separation, transition, divorce, trauma or other issues? Are you feeling disconnected from your child or are struggling to understand his or her behavior? When they have a meltdown, become defiant or exhibit other challenging behaviors, do you have trouble soothing them or defusing the situation?

I understand the helplessness, frustration and confusion you may be feeling as a parent. I can provide the support and guidance you and your child need in order to connect again. And restore stability, awareness and optimism to your family, so all members can grow and nurture one another. I also provide parent coaching services and mentoring to young adults transitioning out of wilderness and other therapeutic programs. Call me at 720.340.6615 or email me at mia@miabertram.com to arrange a free phone consultation.